Casino Money Management Tips Part 2

  • When to Double Up Your Bet – “Double up to catch up.” How many times have be heard that expression? Over the years we have come to believe that maybe the casinos made up that saying. Think about it. Their idea (the casinos) is to put up more money when we are losing! I don’t think that is the best way to win at blackjack or any other game in the casino. What we do when we find ourselves playing against a cold deck or shoe is to reduce our bet to the lowest possible amount and wait. Then, when thee deck changes and it starts to get “hot” for us we increase our bet. When we’re ahead we “double up,” not the other way around.
  • Staying in the Game – You can be a great blackjack card counter, but if you get barred, all that knowledge is wasted. To help prevent getting thrown out consider the following. Don’t play for more then one hour in any one casino. Don’t jump your bets after a win; let it ride and double the next bet. Then double again if the count continues to go up. Try not to be the biggest bettor at the table. Sit in a seat that gives you a direct view of the table without moving your head. Never leave the square in front of you empty. Smile! Don’t look so serious that you attract the attention of management. Try to fit in with the crowd as just another tourist. The main idea is never to attract attention to yourself. Work on your game and work on staying in the game.
  • Record Keeping – When playing blackjack, or any other game for that matter, try and keep records of your visits. Recording the casino, shift, number of players and number of decks used in blackjack. For slots record the number of the machine players, amount of time played and amount of coins you started with. The amount won or lost will help you plan future trips. You might be surprised to find your records might state you have won over the long haul when you thought you lost at that specific casino. The records will help analyze your game. It might tell you how you do in a single or shoe games. It might reinforce that some casino slots are losers then others. Review this data before each trip and see if it doesn’t help.
  • Leaving casino a Winner – When playing blackjack or any other casino game, you should establish a “stop-loss” method to your money management system. This is similar to a Wall Street stock investor. Say you bought a stock at $25 that moved up to $35. You tell your stock broker to sell if it drops back to $30. What you have done is put in a stop-loss order. Then if the stock does go down the broker will automatically sell at $30. You should do the same thing with your winnings. Weather it is blackjack, craps, roulette, or even slots, the same principle applies. For example, you are ahead with $500 after starting with $250 and you set a stop-loss at $400. If you start to lose you stop playing altogether at $400. This will allow you to leave with a profit instead of giving it all back to the house.