Casino Gambling Rules

This section contains the Official Rules for each Game offered by the Casino. The Rules pages provide a brief history of the Game, instructions for how to play, the rules of play and details about how payoffs are calculated.

Card Games

Baccarat: It’s an exciting card game that was a featured plot device in the James Bond novel Casino Royale by Ian Flemming. It originated in Italy during the middle ages and derives its name from the Italian word for “zero”, because the face cards and Tens – which normally are high value cards in most games – are counted as zero in Baccarat. At some point it migrated to France where it was embraced by the aristocracy.Today, Baccarat is a favorite game of high rollers and famous gamers around the world.

Blackjack: It’s a very popular game that probably originated in 16th Century France as vingt-et-un (20 and 1), hence its other name “21”. It gained the English name Blackjack since a player who held the Ace of Spades (i.e. a Black spade) and the Jack of Spades as the first two cards would be paid out extra, and the gambler’s penchant for easy rhymes took over (think “chuck-a-luck”, “acey-duecy”).

Cyber Caribbean Stud Poker: It’s an online version of the five-card stud poker game popularized on cruise ships plying the sparkling blue Caribbean waters. Stud Poker is a fast paced game, easy to learn and fun to play. You play the hand you’re dealt – there is no draw in Stud – so you don’t have to decide which cards to hold. All player hands are pitted against the dealer’s hand, not against each other. You “ante up”, receive your hand and get a look at one of the dealer’s cards. You then have the opportunity to fold or increase your bet to see if you beat the dealer’s hand.

Pai Gow Poker: It’s a fascinating game that combines familiar poker cards with some of the strategy of the centuries-old Chinese domino game Pai Gow. It is played with a 53-card deck (including one Joker), and each participant is dealt 7 cards.

Casino Solitaire: Solitaire, a popular game the world over, is known by many names, including Klondike, Patience, Canfield, Chinaman, Demon and Fascination. It has thousands of variations and was used for relaxation by great figures such as Napoleon, Metternich, Paganini and Churchill. Casino Solitaire adds excitement to this engaging pastime by pitting the player against the house to win real money for every card put up onthe four foundations (Suit Stacks).